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More community events are coming soon. To be announced!

This is Chen's Café. A private cheat community. Formerly DVAS.

We switched to a private setup to encourage more user activity.
This entails: More personalized software. Tournaments. Goodies. Updates. Discord shitposting. Boosting. Trading.
Our average elo is 3700 - 4400

Anyone can join the community and pay for access to lifetime licenses. As long as you get accepted that is.

Along with the migration we switched to a new system:
A trust system, meaning the more you contribute, the more trust you get which entails to unlocking certain areas of the forum.

We do not allow any lurkers anymore, you'll have to apply for membership after you register, through a form.
You'll receive response within 24 hours.

If you are an old user migrating under the 7 days acceptance period, please register as well and click the old users link.