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Bitcoin Guide

To find a Bitcoin exchange (seller) in your country you can visit [howtobuybitcoins.info] here.
[FOR NO ID VERIFICATION AND FAST OPTION] anycoindirect.eu This is recommended by many EU users.

All sites offer tutorials after registering!

Using Exchanges

For most people, the normal way to obtain some BTC would be to use an Exchange. Exchanges allow you to trade traditional fiat currency (like US$ or Euro) for BTC, and vice versa.

If you insist on using [PayPal], the only exchange I'm aware of that accepts this is [www.virwox.com] VirWoX. This is a two-step process, where you first buy Linden Dollars, then use those to buy BTC. The amounts you will be able to purchase are limited, and fees are relatively higher than with the other exchanges.

[PayPal-to-Bitcoin Purchase Guide] Click here to be redirected to a guide

If you live in the US, you probably want to use [coinbase.com] Coinbase. They also service a few select European countries, and allow you to buy with bank transfers or credit cards.

If you live in the EU, [anycoindirect.eu] anycoindirect.eu is a fast option.

If you live in China, [btcchina.com] BTC China is likely your best best.

If you live in Germany, [www.bitcoin.de] Bitcoin.de is a good alternative.

For smaller amounts you can also hit up a trade on [localbitcoins.com] LocalBitcoins - these are effectively trades between individuals, so payment options will vary.

If your country is blocked from Coinbase or some other site, [www.circle.com] Circle is your best option.

If you want to use AliPay, Swish, OKPay, [bitsquare.io] Bitstamp is your best option.

For everyone else, we recommend using [www.bitstamp.net] bitstamp.net unless you can find a regional exchange in your country. (Typically, in-country bank transfers are much cheaper than international ones, and verification tends to be easier.)

As soon as you've bought some BTC, you can simply withdraw them directly from the exchange to our Store. After a wait, you should receive your cheat and an user upgrade.

We automatically update our exchange rate based on the [bitcoincharts.com] Bitcoin Charts 24-hour and 7-day weighted average, whichever is highest. These average up trades across most of the major exchanges.