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Chenbot 1.8 has been released and has improved performance! Happy cheating!


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Chen's Cafe Cheats

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Oldest running and strongest cheat with 0 bans.
  • No language install required.
  • Private and High security - obfuscation, encryption, launch method!
  • Recommended: 150 FPS for maximum smoothness.
  • Legit play intended, with humanized aim.
  • Supports various features!
  • [*]Works in Fullscreen Windowed

Chen's Cafe Software Features:

Aimbot (Humanistic)-

The aimbot will move your cursor just like a human does.
It does not have any specific setting angles competitors use meaning it will never look robotic.

A tournament admin or a random spectator wouldn't be able to tell if you are using our aimbot.
We are going strong with various boosters and TOP 500 players using our software.

Headshot Toggle - Choose the headshot style. Between forced headshots/semi-forced/legit.
Smooth aim - The aimbot uses human-like drag.
Close aim -
If you play Reaper or Tracer up close the aimbot will reconfigure to have the aiming look legit whilst destroying the enemy.
Aimkey - Choose your own aimkey in the settings.
Discreet - Aimbot can be silently launched.
Pro Mode - Perfect aim mode for Tournament play or Streaming.
Visibility Check - Visible Checking with enemies behind objects.

TriggerBot 1.0 (Public version can be grabbed immediately)

TriggerBot 3.1 (Private or Contributors only!)

INI loading & saving
Code mutation for unique copies.
Advanced Virtual Machine protection on modules.
Full real time string encryption with randomized keys (runtime & binary)
Silent loading - No messages will show up from the loader, perfect for LAN events.
Notext - Don't draw anything on screen.